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"When I get to heaven and I find out that God does NOT have a sense of humor, boy will I have a lot more questions!"  Yonko Mali

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Yonko Mali
 "Scientific Matters"

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The written and spoken languages of the New and Old Testaments.

  Radio Broadcasts and Transcripts 

 Interesting historical tidbits about the King James Bible 



 I am doing a series of radio broadcasts on the  Resurrection. Do you have any questions  about the Resurrection? Is there something in the biblical accounts that bothers you? If so, then call my answering machine anytime with your question. I offer a $25 AMEX gift card for any question that I use on my radio program or on this website.

THE YONKO MALI RADIO PROGRAM on "Scientific Matters"! 

 The Yonko Mali radio program is a half-hour variety program covering primarily Christian apologetics, "Scientific Matters", but it also includes some funny stories and tips on computers, finances, health, and other subjects to help you live a full and healthy Christian life!

Past Broadcasts and Transcripts

To listen to previous radio broadcasts or to read the transcripts of those broadcasts, see the "Database" tab above and search the topics listed.

Below are some of The Best of Yonko Mali:

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 Broadcast   Saturday 20-Feb-2010   Resurrection Tidbits

Why did John immediately believe when he saw the burial clothes?

The Smell of Death

Do you belive in the Resurrection of the Body?

 Resurection One or Two Angels At the Tomb?


The Miracles of Jesus:

A scientific look at John Chapter 9, where Jesus cures a man who was born blind.

 The Blind Man (Read Transcript)   

The Rest of the Miracle (Read Transcript)

The Rest of The Miracle (braodcast)


>>>>> Who Is Jesus? <<<<<

Why did Jesus get baptist at the age of 30? (document)

Why did Jesus get baptist at the age of 30? (radio broadcast)

The Interview With God

Crucifixtion Topics

 Surely This Was The Son of God!

The Unforgivable Sin (Part II)

Scientific Matters:

Charles Darwin, Man of The Year?

Charles Darwin, the Struggle for His Eternal Soul



"Scientists discover the exact location of the Red Sea Crossing"

New scientific discoveries locate the exact crossing point on the Red Sea where God parted the Red Sea and swallowed up the Egyptian Army to allow Moses and the Israelites to continue their Exodus out of Egypt to the promised land. 


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